Hey there!

How have you been since we last met? Was it at your home? A sharing session? Did we collect your dream from you on the streets?

Wherever we met, we want you to know that ever so often, we think of you.

Yes, all 4,145 of you on Facebook, 378 on Twitter, and 175 on Instagram.

For a while we were agonized over those numbers – how it feels like no matter how much or how hard we worked, or even the impact of our work – the numbers don’t seem to reflect that! Some of you know the feeling 😉

Then one day we remembered WHY – why we do what we do. And then the numbers made perfect and total sense!

We may not have tens and thousands of followers, or millions of views on our videos (yet!), but hey, we know every single one of you. We know your deepest desires, your greatest hopes.

We know the you when you felt unlimited, when you saw a possibility – in yourself.

What a privilege that is! To know so many people, so intimately. To bear witness to so many of your “coming-out” moments.

That – is why we do what we do.

Tuesday, March 30th 2015 marked the 5th year of our round-the-world journey to collect, share and inspire dreams. 5 years! Can you believe that???

If five years ago you told Tay and Val that five years later, they would have traveled across the Pacific Ocean – cycled around Taiwan, across Japan, parked in Molokai, and through Latin America; did live storytelling in front of hundreds of people in those countries (spoke Spanish!); spoke from their hearts and vulnerable authenticity at two very public TEDx events; built Dream Murals made up of thousands of Dream Portraits online and in real life – and today –

They are living their lives as full time artists invited to various cities to activate communities with their stories and their work; they are teaching workshops about Spiritual Creativity, effecting transformations in the lives of individuals at deep deep levels – they wouldn’t have believed you.

In fact, Val would have insistently corrected you and said, “All I’m going to do, is to go help this passionate elderly gentleman in Taiwan fulfill his last dream!” And Tay would have firmly declared, “I am NOT getting on stage to speak. My films can speak for themselves!”

We wouldn’t have believed you. We wouldn’t have believed us.

Which is kinda ironic, considering how we launched our journey – I “Believe” That Dreams Can Come True – when we didn’t have a whole lot to believe in, in the first place.

But you – YOU BELIEVED IN US – and you kept us going.

You opened your doors to host us – in your homes, your organizations, your cafes, bookstores, newspapers, blogs, and couches, too!

You opened your hearts to nourish us – with generosity, with home-cooked food, with that last 100 pesos you have so that we could bus across the border to Guatemala, with pure pure humanity!

You opened your Spirits to teach us – humility, receiving, the meaning behind culture, rituals, ceremonies, the tools to unleash this abundant creativity we didn’t for a second believe we have within.

Do you remember why? Why you helped us the way you did?

We do.

So instead of making announcements of the many, many exciting plans we have (and there are many, and they are exciting!!!) in celebration of our 5th Anniversary on this journey, we’ve decided to share this intimate moment with you – a sacred moment the Grand Canyon shared with us on our recent trip to Arizona.

Leave a comment below and say hello – we’d love to hear from you!

With all our love and gratitude,


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