Is the difference for yourself.

We’ve been asked countless times: “Why did you begin this journey?”

We were inspired by a man – his boundless energy, the spring in his footsteps, and the twinkle in his eyes.

We wanted to have what he had.

We wanted to know – what did he do so differently, that gave him the life he’s living?

Watch the story that has inspired us, and thousands others around the world:

Luo Papa said it very clearly, “Even if the BnB did not work out, I’d still have fulfilled my dream of living in a train carriage.”

He was not trying to please anyone else. He was not trying to make money. He was doing what he wanted to do.

He wanted to fulfill his dreams.

Who doesn’t?

The difference was that he actually did it.

He made a difference in his own life.

In doing so, he inspired the two of us to embark on a life-changing journey – one that has evolved into global movement of dreams inspiring dreams today.

Luo Papa couldn’t have possibly imagined that when he paid for those junk carriages!

He certainly wasn’t thinking about changing the world when he signed on his first job at the train station.

Neither were we when we made the promise to go fulfill his last dream with him.

But that’s the point!

Click n’ Tweet: “You don’t set out to change the world. You start, by changing your own Universe.” @taynval

That – is the only difference you can really make. The difference in your life, for yourself.

What about you?

Tell us, if there’s a difference you know you know can really make – the difference in your life – what would it be?

We’d truly love to hear from you. Luo Papa, in sharing his dream with us, inspired us to find and pursue ours. Your sharing may be the very inspiration that someone else reading this post needs!


With ♥ that’s here to make a difference,


P.S. If the video story of Luo Papa has inspired you, please forward it to a friend, family, or folks you think it could help – anyone who could use a little uplifting as they find their path and place in this world.


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