What does it bring forth in you?
How do you relate to it?
And why so?

As we were writing this email to you, we spent an afternoon googling for the definition of “Power” and couldn’t find one that was even vaguely close to our #soultruth.

From its connotation of control, politics, and manipulation… to Uncle Ben’s “With great power comes great responsibility” in Spider-Man… to buzz-phrases like: Claim Your Power, Step Into Your Power etc. … our stomachs felt like someone whammed us a sucker punch each time we finished reading a definition that just didn’t ring true.


Power has such a bad rep, doesn’t it?

Non-coincidentally, we recently worked with three soulpreneurs who came to understand, experience, and own their power. Here’s how they described the power they experienced:

“It’s very expansive. It’s light… and it flows.”

It was totally not what they expected power to be. Power – was supposed to be a big, strong, forward charging energy that sweeps everything out of its way and gets everything (including saving lives) done in an instant.

Our clients were afraid of exercising their power, for fear that it’ll consume them and turn them egoistical or power-hungry; creating a disconnect between self and others. Or worse, destroy self and others.

Can you relate? Because we do.

Tay is oh-so-familiar with this power struggle within herself. For many years, she has feared that her power would destroy people around her, especially the ones closest to her…

Until she made friends with her power; and came to experience it as a quiet inner strength.

And with this quiet inner strength, she’s able to hold safe space to support others as they deep dive into their inner worlds.

Val on the other hand, remembers the many (life)times her power caused her own destruction. From being told that, “The bad kids will beat you up!” if she took up the leadership position as a school prefect; to being ostracized by her schoolmates for being “the teachers’ pet” – she’s come to equate power to loneliness.

That loneliness crushed her.

When she finally let the old baggage go and fully embraced her power and let it flow through her, she found out that her permission to let herself shine gives people their own permissions to shine, too.

And these people – the people who empower each other – are the ones who truly matter.

This is why in our work, we make it a point to help our clients experience and embrace their own power.

With those 3 recent clients, when they had their intimate moment with power, we saw their third chakra open up, their shoulders pull back as if they experienced a surge of energy through their core, and then their bodies relaxed… from the relief that this legendary power did not consume them.

Their faces softened, their glows brightened, and in their day-to-day, they got so comfortable with their power that they began discovering ways to “play their power”.

Their experiences have inspired us to open up our work to a bigger group and create the following play-date for you:

Play Your Power

– a two day virtual retreat with Tay & Val –
March 11 & 12 (Friday & Saturday)
9am – 12pm US Pacific Time
Investment: USD 250


Our intentions for inviting you to this play-date, our deepest deepest prayer – is for you to experience and embrace your power in its purest, most loving, brightest form – a power that not only resonates with you and speaks to your #soultruth, but also powers you.

Because true power is one that powers your self in a way that allows you to be in selfless service for the highest good.

And we know that’s what you’re here in this world to do.

So what do you say? Wanna come play?


With love and power to you,


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