What the stove can teach you about self-trust

Ever since we moved into our own apartment, I (Tay) have developed an unhealthy relationship with the electric stove. Every time we leave the house, I would experience a gnawing fear that I had left the stove on. It’s like an automatic trigger: Leave the house = Begin stove paranoia. “Did I use the stove

The Polaris of our lives

Have you paid good $$$$ for the event tix, travel, accommodation, an amazing outfit and killer heels – but being an introvert (or any other reason), you end up standing in a corner, trying to camouflage into the walls… whilst envying all these other people because it seemed so easy for them – to say hi, introduce themselves, leave a

What exactly do they mean when they say, “own it”?

We all know that dreaded feeling. The ugh in the pit of your stomach when someone asks, “So, what do you do?” at a party, meetup, or networking lunch. It is NOT our favorite question. (Although we’ve been guilty of asking a similarly annoying one like “What’s your dream?” to thousands of people around the

That ONE thing that terrorizes so many

I (Val) had sat down to write to you about why multipassionates and multipotentialites like us exist (from a “spiritual” viewpoint, that is). But as I stared at the blinking cursor in front of me, all I could think of was the moment when I was in the hospital when I was 14. I’d passed

People don’t talk about this because it just seems so wrong

I (Tay) have always remembered that night. I’d flown halfway across the globe from Singapore to New York City to collect my first international Gold Award for Best Direction in Documentary. That was exactly what I said to the TSA officer at JFK Airport, when asked why I was in NYC. “I’m here to collect

Outsourcing to Mother Nature

Liquid Memory

As a fellow soulful and ambitious dream builder (who is also likely highly sensitive; because like attracts like) – What is your number 1 challenge when it comes to stepping forth from where you’re at, to where you’ve been called to be? Such as stepping forth into… increasing your visibility and sharing your message at

We thought we were intuitive

door in wall

3 weeks ago, we announced a 21-Day “Honor Your Intuition” Challenge, where we were going to share our experiences of listening AND actually actioning on our intuition for 21 days straight. Barely a week into the Challenge on Day 5, Tay reached her intuition limit. Storming into the room, she exclaimed: “I can’t do this

What our Lyft driver taught us about getting out of our own way

Last week, we decided to celebrate Tay’s birthday with a visit to a local Korean Spa. En route there via a Lyft ride, we had a really nourishing and enlightening conversation with our driver. It was #sogood we had to share it with you. Let’s call our driver Mike. Here’s the conversation: Mike: How are

The truth doesn’t hurt

We just finished our Speak your #Soultruth urban retreat last Sunday. It was the easiest of the four urban retreats we’ve done this year; and we say this with immense gratitude, humility and joy. It was easy because we decided that retreats like this where we dive into the depths of our souls, should be

A Different Kind of Business Coach – Selena Soo

In a nutshell: If you are looking for a high-integrity coach with a system that works – digestible, sensible steps that makes it simple to follow-through (and hence quickly gain momentum); a community who holds you accountable to the best version of yourself; and useful, precise, and relevant best practices that cuts through the clutter