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Stand Up and Speak Out

While writing the description for our 5th Chakra Retreat: Speak Your #SoulTruth a week ago, we remembered a conversation we had with our friend Siva at a VIP cocktail in NYC last February. He shared with us: Human beings are the only known species amongst all other creatures, who would spend the first two years […]

A Circle of Women

Something magical happened on this past Sunday as ten soulful and ambitious women entrepreneurs gathered for our “Heal Your Heart #rememberlove” urban retreat; and our hearts are bursting to share it with you! It was a day steeped in opening, healing, and blossoming the heart space. In the morning, we released energy blocks in the […]

Chicken Wings VS Drumsticks – Who WON???

Last week we shared how we answered the question, “How long have you two been together?” Talk about exponential learning curves… the follow-up question we’ve been getting is now: “You live, work, play, travel – everything! – together. How do you stay together?” And before we could answer, the next set of questions will come: […]

What Tay’s #HangerMoment taught us about love

Maybe because we’re putting out a retreat on “LOVE”, we’ve been getting this question a lot lately: “How long have you two been together?” And no matter how many times we get asked this question, we’ll start looking into the sky and counting the numbers in our heads. I (Tay) never get it right. Each […]

Fight or Flight? There’s actually a third response

We were in New York City last week and experienced an epiphany within our first hour of arrival. It happened on one of the city’s infamous subway trains. (If you’ve been following us for a while now, or have seen our videos, you know that most of our life-changing moments occur on trains around the […]

With all due respect to Uncle Ben…

Power. What does it bring forth in you? How do you relate to it? And why so? As we were writing this email to you, we spent an afternoon googling for the definition of “Power” and couldn’t find one that was even vaguely close to our #soultruth. From its connotation of control, politics, and manipulation… […]

10 Things We’re Celebrating in 2015

2015 has been an amazing year filled with celebratory moments. As we sat down and reflected on the lessons learnt, the love/work birthed, and the deep deep recognitions we connected with, we found a momentum driving us from one moment to the next: The truth of who we are becoming. It drove us to look […]

It’s my birthday today and…

I’ve missed you. However our paths have crossed – through the interwebs, at an event, or even in a coffee shop – I’m grateful we met. Having spent the last 5+ years traveling the world – collecting, sharing, and inspiring stories dreams-come-true from the people we meet, I’ve come to know: [bctt tweet=”“Every encounter with […]