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What the stove can teach you about self-trust

28 September

Have you paid good $$$$ for the event tix, travel, accommodation, an amazing outfit and killer heels – but being an introvert (or any other reason), you end up standing in a corner, trying to camouflage into the walls… whilst envying all these other people because it seemed so easy for them – to say hi, introduce themselves, leave a

31 August

We all know that dreaded feeling. The ugh in the pit of your stomach when someone asks, “So, what do you do?” at a party, meetup, or networking lunch. It is NOT our favorite question. (Although we’ve been guilty of asking a similarly annoying one like “What’s your dream?” to thousands of people around the

23 August

I (Val) had sat down to write to you about why multipassionates and multipotentialites like us exist (from a “spiritual” viewpoint, that is). But as I stared at the blinking cursor in front of me, all I could think of was the moment when I was in the hospital when I was 14. I’d passed

I (Tay) have always remembered that night. I’d flown halfway across the globe from Singapore to New York City to collect my first international Gold Award for Best Direction in Documentary. That was exactly what I said to the TSA officer at JFK Airport, when asked why I was in NYC. “I’m here to collect

17 July

As a fellow soulful and ambitious dream builder (who is also likely highly sensitive; because like attracts like) – What is your number 1 challenge when it comes to stepping forth from where you’re at, to where you’ve been called to be? Such as stepping forth into… increasing your visibility and sharing your message at

27 June

3 weeks ago, we announced a 21-Day “Honor Your Intuition” Challenge, where we were going to share our experiences of listening AND actually actioning on our intuition for 21 days straight. Barely a week into the Challenge on Day 5, Tay reached her intuition limit. Storming into the room, she exclaimed: “I can’t do this

21 June

Last week, we decided to celebrate Tay’s birthday with a visit to a local Korean Spa. En route there via a Lyft ride, we had a really nourishing and enlightening conversation with our driver. It was #sogood we had to share it with you. Let’s call our driver Mike. Here’s the conversation: Mike: How are

02 June

We just finished our Speak your #Soultruth urban retreat last Sunday. It was the easiest of the four urban retreats we’ve done this year; and we say this with immense gratitude, humility and joy. It was easy because we decided that retreats like this where we dive into the depths of our souls, should be

18 May

In a nutshell: If you are looking for a high-integrity coach with a system that works – digestible, sensible steps that makes it simple to follow-through (and hence quickly gain momentum); a community who holds you accountable to the best version of yourself; and useful, precise, and relevant best practices that cuts through the clutter

04 May

While writing the description for our 5th Chakra Retreat: Speak Your #SoulTruth a week ago, we remembered a conversation we had with our friend Siva at a VIP cocktail in NYC last February. He shared with us: Human beings are the only known species amongst all other creatures, who would spend the first two years

22 April

But no, we did not get to speak at TEDx because we were ‘experienced’ enough. We get to do the TEDx talks, and the many city commissioned talks after that because we finally decided to speak our #soultruth…

14 April

Something magical happened on this past Sunday as ten soulful and ambitious women entrepreneurs gathered for our “Heal Your Heart #rememberlove” urban retreat; and our hearts are bursting to share it with you! It was a day steeped in opening, healing, and blossoming the heart space. In the morning, we released energy blocks in the

05 April

Last week we shared how we answered the question, “How long have you two been together?” Talk about exponential learning curves… the follow-up question we’ve been getting is now: “You live, work, play, travel – everything! – together. How do you stay together?” And before we could answer, the next set of questions will come:

04 April

Maybe because we’re putting out a retreat on “LOVE”, we’ve been getting this question a lot lately: “How long have you two been together?” And no matter how many times we get asked this question, we’ll start looking into the sky and counting the numbers in our heads. I (Tay) never get it right. Each

08 March

We were in New York City last week and experienced an epiphany within our first hour of arrival. It happened on one of the city’s infamous subway trains. (If you’ve been following us for a while now, or have seen our videos, you know that most of our life-changing moments occur on trains around the

07 March

Power. What does it bring forth in you? How do you relate to it? And why so? As we were writing this email to you, we spent an afternoon googling for the definition of “Power” and couldn’t find one that was even vaguely close to our #soultruth. From its connotation of control, politics, and manipulation…

01 January

2015 has been an amazing year filled with celebratory moments. As we sat down and reflected on the lessons learnt, the love/work birthed, and the deep deep recognitions we connected with, we found a momentum driving us from one moment to the next: The truth of who we are becoming. It drove us to look

17 November

I’ve missed you. However our paths have crossed – through the interwebs, at an event, or even in a coffee shop – I’m grateful we met. Having spent the last 5+ years traveling the world – collecting, sharing, and inspiring stories dreams-come-true from the people we meet, I’ve come to know: [bctt tweet=”“Every encounter with

09 October

This Tuesday, we went to listen to best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert speak about her latest book, “Big Magic” at the opening session of Seattle Arts and Lecture’s 2015 season. We were lucky enough to get tickets, and be 2 of the 2,500 sold-out crowd at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. In addition to being in awe of

23 September

Part 3 of 3: Creating Luck – Writing your own Story This post is part two of a three-part series on Creating from Spirit – our journey from Serendipity to Synchronicity to Story. And as we shared stories of magic on our journey, people would line up after our presentations to ask us, “Can you

08 September

Part 2 of 3-Part Series: Being Lucky – Recognizing Synchronicity This post is part two of a three-part series on Creating from Spirit – our journey from Serendipity to Synchronicity to Story. And as we shared stories of magic on our journey, people would line up after our presentations to ask us, “Can you teach

25 August

Part 1 of 3-Part Series: Getting Lucky – Becoming a Serendipitist This post is part one of a three-part series on Creating from Spirit – our journey from Serendipity to Synchronicity to Story. And as we shared stories of magic on our journey, people would line up after our presentations to ask us, “Can you

11 August

2 weeks ago, we sent out an online survey asking you how your friends introduce you, and how you’d prefer to be introduced. 90% of you who responded actually prefer your friends to introduce you differently. You’d felt unrepresented or under-represented by those introductions. Thank you for sharing that with us. Because we’ve been struggling

02 August

It’s been a month since we last wrote a post. We’ve taken that time to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect – to ourselves, our why, our source. For the last 5 years, we’ve been traveling around the world asking people one question: “What’s your dream?” Reconnecting with ourselves prompted us to ask a different question today.

24 June

I started my “WHO AM I?” journey when I was 28. I questioned my purpose on this planet. “There must be more than this.” I really wanted to change the world. Through my work as a media maker, I knew I was sorta doing it. But it didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel fulfilled. There

12 June

Is the difference for yourself. We’ve been asked countless times: “Why did you begin this journey?” We were inspired by a man – his boundless energy, the spring in his footsteps, and the twinkle in his eyes. We wanted to have what he had. We wanted to know – what did he do so differently,

06 June

“All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?” — The Beatles We all desire to belong – with someone, to something, at someplace. As we began our journey to cycle around the world, more often than not, we were 2 lone cyclists on the

28 May

What do you look for daily? When everyone around us told us that we were not going to survive Mexico – that we’d be robbed or mobbed and everything else in between; that we were “defenseless” – we fought really hard internally not to believe them… And we still we got scared. We didn’t want

21 May

In the previous post, we shared our near-death experience in Mexico, and we invited you to share your fears with us. We were lucky to escape unscathed. But what made us luckier, was what we learnt from this experience. Looking at death in the face taught us a thing or two about our fears –

15 May

When we were traveling through Latin America on our round-the-world cycling journey, each time we crossed borders into the next country, people would warn about the dangers that laid ahead. In a media interview we had in El Salvador (where the security guards of condominiums carry M16s), a journalist asked, “You’re in a dangerous continent.

07 May

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out an email asking you to be our mirrors, and share the 3 Best Qualities you see in us. Like we shared, this was one of the most terrifying things we’ve done in a while. When Marie Forleo gave us this assignment in BSchool, she told us that

28 April

A personal sharing from Val: I’m a Popo’s girl – I was brought up by my Grandmother. When I was little, Popo used to give me questions to ponder about. One night, Popo asked, “Ah Girl, what fills up a room in an instant?” I thought really hard, not wanting to give the wrong answer.

22 April

Mirror Mirror on the wall – What are the 3 Best Qualities of us all? For the last six weeks, we have been taking Marie Forleo’s BSchool to grow ourselves, our work, and the impact we’re here to make. One of our assignments was to collect 3 Best Qualities of ourselves from 25 people. This

20 April

Hey there! How have you been since we last met? Was it at your home? A sharing session? Did we collect your dream from you on the streets? Wherever we met, we want you to know that ever so often, we think of you. Yes, all 4,145 of you on Facebook, 378 on Twitter, and