A 4-week online group mentorship program
for soulful & ambitious high-achievers ready
to bring your whole self to the table
and live your BEST life.

Ready to make full use of your multiple skills, talents, and passions?

We’ll show you exactly how.

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Does this sound like you?

You’re a Type A (as in capital A for Achiever), with multiple talents (after all, you Ace anything we set your mind to), and intensely curious and passionate about many (sometimes too many), seemingly different and separate things.

At social settings, when people ask, “So, what is it that you’re doing now?”

You hear, “You’re how many years old and haven’t figure out what you wanna do yet???”

Yesss. We’re the ones who can’t seem to grow up already, decide on ONE thing, and become the successful person everyone else thought we were MEANT to be.

It’s not that you can’t make up your mind, or that you have commitment issues, or that you have ADD.

And contrary to what your peers and family think, you’re probably the most “grown up” person you know.

As you pursue your multiple interests and passions (and consequently developed talents in them), you’ve…

  • Listened to your inner guidance to lead you to the next thing
  • Invested time, money, and energy in coaching, mentorship, and self-development programs
  • Diligently implemented the prescribed steps in said programs

(Heck you’ve even patiently waited for the next steps to unfold! Does it get more grown up than that???)

Deep inside you, you know –

You’ve never, can never, and will never fit into the conventional cookie-cutter checklist for a “good life”.

You don’t just want good.

You want to live your BEST life.

Where you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing; and everything’s feels just right.

At the same time, there are bills to be paid, the clock is ticking away – you feel like you need to #getit and #dosomething already.

We know.
We’ve been there.
We get you.

We call this the abyss of #soulconfused #souldrained and #soulmeh. Yikes.

And it’s why we created this 4-week soul mentorship program –

To not only show you, but walk you along a roadmap to get to your most aligned next step.

We know, without a doubt –

You can do anything…
IF only you knew what “it” was.

Now, this “it” isn’t some mysterious ONE passion you’re allowed to have, that must be tied to your work.

(There ISN’T one thing you were “meant” to do.)

“It” is a roadmap that directs and guides all of your skills, talents, passions, and know-hows onto your own unique path of success.

On that path, your soul expands, your mind gets fired up in all the right places, and you feel your every heartbeat drums in rhythm with the flow of the life.

You get to bring ALL of you to the table to create a thriving life; and make the impact you’ve always envisioned for yourself and the world.

You have your own, unique path of success.

We’ll illuminate “it” for you.

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In this illuminating and experiential online program, we’ll help you…

  • Connector.

    Calibrate your #soulpurpose

    There isn’t ONE thing you were meant to do. The only thing you’re responsible for in your evolution, is to keep becoming the best version of yourself – to live your best life. To do that, you’ve gotta have a deep understanding of your #soulpurpose (and no, it’s not some destiny written in your stars… even though they do play a part); and calibrate it to today’s times, relevance, and your available resources.

  • Connector.

    Develop a crystal-clear vision for your best life

    “I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world.” — Marie Forleo, multipassionate entrepreneur with a multi-million empire. Inside the program, you’ll see exactly how all of you — the many, seemingly different and separate parts of your multiple skills, talents, and passions — can fit together to help you live your best life!

  • Connector.

    Rise through your upper-limits

    Discover and clear what’s in your way of fully connecting with, and living out your best self. Learn where and what your invisible walls (spiritual roadblocks) are, so that you can break-free from old, limiting stories that are holding you back… and write new ones that will propel you forward into consistent health, wealth, and fulfilment.

  • Connector.

    Know exactly what to “FOCUS” on first in order to have it ALL

    Learn how to beat time at its own game and “have it all” by knowing and taking your most aligned next step. (Yesss, you can absolutely be a software engineer, yogi, and actress, at the same time.) Imagine no longer waking up feeling like you’ve got 10 things to get done, and still can’t help feeling like you’re missing out on the other 10 things you want to do… #FOMO no more!

  • Connector.

    Apply your unique #superpowers

    Learn what your top 3 gifts are as are as a multi-faceted high-achiever, and how you can assimilate them into powerful and productive strategic action steps to effortlessly and gracefully create your best life… and basically anything you want, really. (black-belt in shape-shifting included. #nojoke)

“If you feel drawn to it, just go for it!”

Before working with Tay & Val, I was hesitant to talk about my vision for my work and frustrated with being shy; which was causing me to hold back in social situations. Tay & Val has set up a very special environment for healing and growth in their programs. I cleared some deep energetic blocks that were holding me back; and have been having so much fun participating in life since! I highly recommend you save yourself a seat for this program before it sells out – you will get what you need out of it.— ERIN KNIGHT, HEALTH ENGINEER

Ready to get aligned with your #soulpurpose and thrive?

Let’s do this together!

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“Don't walk, run to sign up!”

Tay & Val stand behind the quality and IMMENSE value of their work. I’ve experienced immediate and tangible shifts – inner and external. My relationships are flourishing and the clarity on my path, purpose, and business have never been clearer. I’m grateful to this duo for helping me move past blocks that had previously kept me stuck for over two decades. These two are truly special, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Thanks ladies!— BRENNA JOELLE, FREEDOM COACH

Your 4-week Soul Mentorship Program with us includes:

  • Connector.

    3 high-impact modules

    soulfully designed to help you Propel Your Purpose towards self-mastery and your best life – delivered to your inbox, for you to work through at your preferred time, in the comfort of your own home [$3,000 value]

  • Connector.

    Your personal Propel Your Purpose Roadmap

    a collection of practical spiritual tools and strategies you can implement to infuse your soul purpose into your life and business so that your desired outcomes becomes inevitable [$500 value]

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    A safe and sacred energy container

    for 4 weeks of energetic support and e-coaching from us inside our private Facebook group [$4,000]

  • Connector.

    Bonus Live Q&A call

    to support your inner shifts and outer transformations [$1,000 value]

  • Connector.

    A community of like-minded, soulful and ambitious business owners and executives committed to leadership and self-mastery

    many of our past program participants have formed powerful and meaningful connections during the program, and have remained connected since! [Priceless]

“They surfaced issues I’d not even realized - and helped clear them!”

After working with Tay & Val, it became crystal clear that it was time to do a full-scale rebranding of my business to more accurately reflect who I am and what I do for my clients. That process is currently underway and I’m super excited to see how it unfolds. Tay & Val’s insights are absolutely invaluable. If you’re ready to move forward in a powerful and meaningful way, start working with them TODAY! — ERICKA O’CAIN, OWNER AT iGEEK TRAINING

Here’s what to expect inside the program:

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    The program modules (video, audio, and PDF worksheets) will be delivered straight to your inbox on Tuesdays, starting September 20th

  • Connector.

    We'll be providing energetic support and e-coaching inside the private Facebook group Mondays-Fridays during the 4-week course of the program

  • Connector.

    An Accountability Check-In Form will be emailed to you every Thursday to help you review your progress for the week; and submit questions for the Q&A Call

  • Connector.

“I've learnt to release guilt and choose love instead.”

Before working with Tay and Val, I was trying to cater to everyone and anyone in my business and had no clarity on my coaching niche. What has happened in one month alone has been so profound and incredible both professionally and personally. At 25, I can say I have found my life purpose?! (How awesome is that!) I’ve learned to release guilt, which was preventing me from reaching my ideal clients, admitting to myself what I really wanted in life, and from fully enjoying my everyday experiences. In choosing “love” instead, I’ve gotten complete clarity on who I’m here to serve and find myself having fantastic coaching sessions with my clients (with equally fantastic results!). My days are grounded in flow, ease, and compassion and I feel equipped to keep these incredible shifts going forward. Thank you, Tay and Val – please keep doing the work you’re doing. So many people can benefit!— KEIA DEL ROSARIO, FOOD & BODY LOVE COACH

You’ve been called to live your BEST life.

We’ll hold you to nothing less.

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If you’re still reading this…

We know that you’ve been listening…

To that still, small voice within you that has been nudging you to answer:

There’s gotta be more to life than this…

What’s Next???

Know this:

Every step that you’ve taken, throughout your life and existence, has led you to this very spot —

Here. Now.

What if the very next step you take, is one that brings you closer to who you want to be, living the life you want to live?

Where would you place your next foot forward?

Your BEST next-step is through here.

Let us Sherpa your on the path of most inspiration and least resistance.

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About Your Soul Mentors

Tay & Val are the Spiritual Consultants and Soul Mentors the executive coaches of Fortune 500s and founders of million-dollar IPO companies go to, to answer their “What’s Next?” question. Committed to helping visionary leaders meet their call to greatness with clear-eyed vision, groundedness, and deep trust – we work as a dynamic duo. Tay is the one who goes beneath the words and stories, working energetically to align you with your most powerful, grounded, and expanded self. Val leads the conversation, receiving insight on your soul’s path and business strategy. She’s the one who helps you connect the dots – so you walk out of your session with new understanding you didn’t have before. This gives you a richer, well-rounded perspective you won’t find working with one teacher, intuitive or guide.