Why SoulPreneurs choose

to work with us

"I was blown away by the deep truths they’d tapped into."

Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter



"Tay and Val created a sacred space for me to tap into the soul of my business and the truth of what was holding me back. They came to our call already so prepared and with so many insights that we could just tune right in and make the most of our time together. I was blown away by the points they stressed were coming up for me, things that I knew were deep truths they had tapped into, it was as if they had reached into the darkest part of my soul and could see it all SO clearly. I am so grateful for their support and clarity they provided plus the powerful energetic space they held for me and my business."

"It’ll be worth it."


Wordsmith & Teacher



"So, there is no delicate way to put this: my experience with Tay and Val culminated with a vision of my future self - the Queen - riding off on a dolphin with a unicorn horn. Before she vanished into a rainbow, she turned back and said to me: "Million dollar business, baby!" Call me crazy, but my work with this dynamic duo has invited me across the threshold and into rising to meet -- and embody - the Queen in my vision. I'd like to tell you that this makes sense to my rational mind, but more importantly, I want to remind you that it doesn't have to. When your work is part of your path (which it is for you, because you are reading this), you know as well as I do that it's not always about strategy, masterminds, accountability or action plans... it's about working on the subtler levels, rearranging the proverbial furniture in your inner cosmos. Tay and Val masterfully assisted me in doing just that. I get that this isn't for everyone, but it was just what I'd been asking for. So if you're feeling called, give in to your yes and work with them. It'll be worth it. "

“The VIP Immersion program was one of the best personal investments I have ever made.”

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Martin G. Tobias

MGT Investments LLC

“When you have achieved so much in life, then what? Tay and Val, That’s what.”
I often tell people “I hope you don’t get what you want in life.” This tends to generate skeptical looks. “Because then you really have a problem; you won’t know what to do next.” I found myself at just such an impasse recently having sold my software company and “retired” for the third time. Instead of investing in another company (I have invested in over 85 companies), I decided to invest in myself. The VIP Immersion program was one of the best personal investments I have ever made. The program helped me make the transition from prior stories that were no longer serving me to renewed stories that will guide the journey forward. How often do you stop and consider your inner compass and if it is tuned correctly? Tay and Val can get the compass working again.

“I shifted energies that had been lingering for decades.”

Legal Coach & Attorney for Entrepreneurs



“Tay and Val are so, so gifted and such generous souls. Together as healers, they work magic, with Val leading the conversation and Tay shifting the energy at the same time to open pathways to healing. After just one session, I felt energy shift out of my third chakra that had been lingering there for decades. No joke. In such a short amount of time, they were THAT powerful – their unique heartfelt spiritual connection to others makes them quite a dynamic duo! They had an uncanny ability to hone in on the “real” issues that I wanted to address and create safe space so I felt comfortable and free to really go deep into my fears and shift the energy so I could heal with ease and grace. I am truly grateful to them both and I am honored to work with them.”

"Down to earth insights, actionable advice, and pure magic!"

Creative Director & Owner of Gif Design Studios



“Before working with Tay and Val I had been battling with random illnesses one after another, had very low energy & felt that my business was experiencing more blocks and obstacles than ever before. After just one session with them & their daily healing support, in just a few days I got my energy and health back and things started to flow so beautifully that we immediately turned that month into our most profitable month to date."

"I am co-creating with my business in a powerful way."

Divine Self-Care Mentor & Speaker



“Tay and Val guided me to reconnect with my business in a way I hadn't done in the past. These two powerhouse energy workers guided me back to the core of my soul and my business, allowing them to merge in a way where I can truly feel a deep connection to my business instead of me simply running my business. I was able to see and communicate with the essence of my business; and therefore, have a better understanding of how to interact with it. Now, I can feel that I am co-creating and communicating with the soul of my business, and this approach feels expansive, abundant and has changed the way I make decisions on a day-to-day basis in a powerful way."

"They unlocked the barriers that had been holding me back."

Activation Coach & Speaker



“My greatest take-away from working with Tay and Val is that I am separate from my business. Since I am on the path to do work that I love and that I am passionate about, it is hard to separate the work from myself. Being extremely intuitive, Tay and Val pick up on things in a very powerful way that feels deeper than where most coaching usually goes. I am blown away by their presence in helping release negative energy and limiting stories that keep us stuck and stagnant. If you are ready to dive deep to unlock the barriers that have been holding you back, I highly recommend that you work with them! Their insight and intuition will help you see the things you can't always see in yourself."

"I faced what I’d been blinded to and got the courage I needed."

Psychotherapist & Coach



“Big-hearted. Soul-expanding. Cartographers of Possibility." That’s three adjectives that come to mind when it comes to Tay & Val. I believe that our businesses and careers are mirrors of our internal landscape. When we seek growth, we sometimes feel stuck in what Joseph Campbell calls “Act II”. That was how I felt in seeking to expand myself and my business. Tay & Val listened, intuited, and provided me with a safe supportive space that allowed me to face what I’d been blind to, and then to start the process of overcoming them. Our session gave me the courage to pitch Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post for the first time. And very quickly, I received positive replies. That was just the beginning. I’m staying tuned for more and am infinitely grateful. Big thank you, lovely ladies."

"They’re 100% present and dedicated to their craft."

CEO at The Super Fly Program



“Tay and Val are a dynamic duo who fully compliment each other’s magical gifts. They are visionary, intuitive and deeply soul connected - they are 100% present and dedicated to their craft. They beautifully combine strategy and soul while holding space for the soul of your business to be reclaimed and rebirthed!"

"Business and soul expanding!"


Life Coach & Therapist



“Every time I work with Tay and Val, I break through new limits of my self, my story, and my business; many of which are often unseen. In our first session alone I identified and let go of a story that’s impaired my passions, my profits, and my relationships with my business partners. Their inner wisdom and visions always cut through when I least expect it. And combined with their expertise, they’ve got superpowers I’d love to share with everyone! I highly recommend them for any spiritual entrepreneurs who are looking for a deeper coaching experience that will expand your businesses and soul for the long-term."

"I've learned to release guilt and choose love instead. Tay and Val have set me up for abundance and success!​"

Food & Body Love Coach



“Before working with Tay and Val, I was trying to cater to everyone and anyone in my business and had no clarity on my coaching niche. What has happened in one month alone has been so profound and incredible both professionally and personally. At 25, I can say​ ​I have found my life purpose?! (How awesome is that!) I have learned to release guilt, which was preventing me from reaching my ideal clients, admitting to myself what I really wanted in life, and from fully enjoying my everyday experiences. In choosing "love" instead, I've gotten complete clarity on who I'm here to serve and find myself having fantastic coaching sessions with my clients (with equally fantastic results!). My days are grounded in flow, ease, and compassion and I feel equipped to keep these incredible shifts going forward. Thank you, Tay and Val - please keep doing the work you're doing. So many people can benefit! "

"They surfaced issues I’d not even realized – and helped clear them!​"

Owner of iGeek Training



“Tay and Val brought to light issues I had not realized were happening and cleared the energetic blocks around one of my past ventures. Based on that, it became crystal clear that it was time to do a full-scale rebranding of my business to more accurately reflect who I am and what I do for my clients. That process is currently underway and I’m super excited to see how it unfolds. Tay and Val’s insights are absolutely invaluable. If you’re ready to move forward in a powerful and meaningful way, start working with them TODAY!"

"I knew I’d been carrying other people’s sadness – and they helped me finally lift it.​"



“My VIP Day with Tay and Val was so complete that nothing was left out. It’s really unique to have both of you here to support me, staying attuned to me. You noticed what came up and stayed with that. I have known that I have been carrying all of my ancestor’s sadness for a while now. Today, I felt that it really moved and was really changed. I loved that we’ve set free the soul of my business. It is now here with me. It has a sense of humor and it just makes me smile!"

"I got clarity and guidance to the next level in my life and business.​"

Somatic Psychospiritual Counselor & Speaker



“I’ve known that my business has her own soul, but I didn’t realize her depth or how to work with her until working with Tay and Val. A big a-ha moment occurred for me when helped me see that I had been placing my personal financial issues and concerns onto my business and that it was actually hurting her and keeping me stuck. This awareness completely shifted my perspective of my business. What's unique about working with Tay and Val is that you get two very intuitive, loving, heart-centered and spot-on women to help you heal, give you clarity, and guide you to the next level in your life and business. If you are feeling stuck in your business in ANY way, I highly recommend that you work with Tay and Val because they will rock your world!"

“I walked away with a strong connection to the heart of my business – and a practical plan.”

Health and Wellness Mentor


“I’ve worked with many holistic practitioners across different modalities. Tay and Val’s work is by far the most coalesced. I’m in deep gratitude for the insight that Tay and Val shared with me. I am at the beginning of building my practice, so I’ve gotten stuck in a few critical pieces of business development. During our work together, two of the many pieces they offered clarity on, were the value of my work and a disserving story that I’ve been holding onto. I walked away with a strong connection to the heart of my business. AND they provided a practical plan to maintain that connection. They are gold!”