Every Experience you have is an invitation to rise

we dare you to say yes

On a subtle level, the stories we tell ourselves impact everything — from our business model, to who we take on as clients, to how we lead, to brand positioning, to how much we earn, etcetera.

The good news is, we all have the power to swap out the old story for a new one with more horsepower. And when we do, what happens next is nothing short of extraordinary.

Rooted in ancient principles,
Tay and Val invite leaders

to look beneath the level of strategy and doing...

… into the story and sacred agreements

that run our businesses.

Grounded, refreshing and funny, Tay and Val have delivered talks in four languages to more than 400 audiences in Asia, South America and the U.S. To date, they have been featured in national print, radio and television broadcasts in twelve countries.

Your audience will love Tay and Val’s presentation…

Every successful leader knows that strategy drives results. But what most leaders don’t know… is that underneath the surface — there’s actually an invisible story that’s running the show. We’re here to help you uncover this story, and the sacred agreements you’ve made along the way — so you can swap them out for ones with more power.

Before you soar, go deep first. Join us as we look beneath the level of strategy and doing… into the world of energy and story. Uncover the sacred agreements your soul has made with your work, your community, and your self. And meet the ancient tools legendary leaders have been using for thousands of years that all but guarantee epic opportunity, synchronicities, and success.

After you uncover and update your invisible story, it’s easier to identify and to choose the business strategy that will take you higher than you’ve ever gone before. Best of all, you’ll find yourself totally aligned with your most powerful, most knowing, and wisest self, with your proverbial runway cleared for takeoff.