A personal sharing from Val:

I’m a Popo’s girl – I was brought up by my Grandmother. When I was little, Popo used to give me questions to ponder about.

One night, Popo asked, “Ah Girl, what fills up a room in an instant?”

I thought really hard, not wanting to give the wrong answer.

Finally, I said, “Air! The room is full of air. And wind travels very fast!”

Popo shook her head. I frowned, even more determined to get it right.

“I know! It’s a smelly fart! You always know immediately when someone makes a smelly fart bomb. The whole room stinks!”

I was so proud that I most certainly got the answer this time round. Popo laughed and shook her head again!

“Tell me the answer Popo! Or I won’t be able to sleep tonight…” I pleaded.

Popo smiled, and then got up to switch off the light.

“Watch carefully.” She told me.

And Popo flicked on the switch.

Light fills up a room instantly_@taynval

My Popo’s Popo was the Ah-Ma of the village. If you were sick, you’d go to Ah-Ma. If you wanted to have children, you go to Ah-Ma. If you were giving birth, you go to Ah-Ma. If your children were persistently disobedient, you’d go to Ah-Ma.

My Popo’s Mother was an Ah-Ma, too. She made the best traditional breakfast cakes, the kind that always made you feel better – no matter how bad yesterday was. She concocted herbal teas and medical tinctures for every ailment presented to her. You always felt better after sitting with her – no matter how awful you might be feeling.

My Popo brought me up, in the kitchen with a mortar and pestle + coloring books and coloring pencils. She taught me lessons through stories and questions. She never told me the morals of the stories or the right answers to her questions. But she’d always tell me to watch. “Watch carefully.”

That was how I learnt to heal. Not by fixing anything. But by watching. Carefully.

It’s in bearing witness that the deepest healing and most powerful transformations occur.


You may have heard of the massive earthquake that has shattered the lives of many in Nepal just 2 days ago. As media makers and healers, we believe very strongly in sending out positive and empowering messages so that all of us can join forces in relief efforts in every way possible.

#1hourforNepal @ 7PM for 7 days
We are committed to lighting a candle and meditating for an hour at 7pm over 7 days (04/25-05/01). We are inviting you to join us in meditation to hold space, in witness to Nepal’s healing. #1hourforNepal

Stephanie, our neighbor saw our #1hourforNepal post on Facebook and did something that filled our heart space in an instant.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

Stephanie packed A LOT OF LOVE into what she gifted us; and we thought we’d share it with you here.

With all our light and loving bearing-witness,


P.S. If you too, would like to send your light and healing to Nepal, we invite you to join us in meditation at #1hourforNepal

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