I’ve missed you.

However our paths have crossed – through the interwebs, at an event, or even in a coffee shop – I’m grateful we met.

Having spent the last 5+ years traveling the world – collecting, sharing, and inspiring stories dreams-come-true from the people we meet, I’ve come to know:

[bctt tweet=”“Every encounter with each other is a reunion of souls.””]

And my reunion with you has left a heart-print in my soul.

I’ve spent the last year doing many wondrous things – speaking at amazing events, uplifting communities that have special spots in my heart, creating art that nourishes my soul or “just because” 😉

That's me! Giving middle-schoolers taller than me high-fives after speaking to them at their Unity (Anti-Bullying Awareness) Week.(That’s me! Giving middle-schoolers taller than me high-fives after speaking to them at their Unity/Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.)

And as I celebrate and give thanks to each beautiful experience, I pause and wish for you – the same joy, same magic, and same love, too.

This birthday (especially in the midst of what’s been happening around the world right now), I do have a wish.

I wish to hear from you:

Tell me dear one –
How have you been?
What’s going on in your life?
What’s coming up in your heart?
What has your soul been yearning for?

Leave me a comment below to let me know. Or even if it’s just to say hello.

It’ll mean much to me, to know that we’re staying connected.

I read savor every word.


Thinking of you, and sending ,


P.S. Know someone whom we should reunite with or thinking of someone you’d like to connect with? Forward this post along – and send someone some love, too.



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