Who are we?

We're glad you asked.

We help already successful leaders, visionaries, and legends meet their call to greatness fully grounded, with a deep sense of trust in their own vision, and a rock­solid knowing of the actions it takes to get there.

To do this, we take you deep into the level of story, energy, and sacred agreements you’ve made throughout the entire fabric of your existence.

We’re committed to using our gifts and wisdom in the service of you seeing, accepting and living your deepest desire and your highest mission through your life’s work.

meet tay

In our work, I’m the one who goes beneath the words and stories, working energetically to align our clients with their most powerful, grounded, and expanded selves.

I know my energy field is very strong. And yet, most of my life, I held back 10% of myself with people, because I worried my power would destroy someone close to me.

But, like you, I heard the call to rise. ​And, like you, I knew I had to answer it. You just know. So, following my own wisdom, I went deep within myself, right down to the root. There, I found old sacred agreements I’d made about strength, destruction, and power. And, just as I guide our clients to do, I saw how those agreements had served their role, integrated the lessons they had for my soul, and moved on to create new agreements.
Now, when I show up as 100% of who I am, it’s not the destructive part that appears. Instead, it’s compassion and softness. I really used to believe that if I let go of that hold on myself, I would explode or destroy someone. But as it turns out, all that’s there is quiet strength.

I share this with you in the hopes that it resonates. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’ve been holding back a part of yourself, ​too. Maybe you have a sense of why that’s been so, but haven’t been able to move it on your own. Val and I can. What we offer is an immersion experience, where you’ll go deep, into the energy and the stories that have been running your business and life… ​and move the proverbial furniture around a bit, so it lines up with where you’re going. (How’s that for a mixed metaphor?)
Oh, and one more thing. We work with what I call “sure wins.” Meaning that Val and I are both spiritual, ethical people who are highly selective about our clientele. ​We want to make it as easy as possible for you to know whether we’re what you’ve been looking for. So before we meet you, we tune in to the sacred agreement your soul has made with us. If we’re not right for you now, we’ll tell you. But if it’s clear to us that we’re for you and now is your time, of course we’ll tell you that, too!

Meet Val

Ever since I was two years old, I’ve been able to hear the truth. So when my family members would be holding polite conversation at the dinner table about their work and the events of the day, I would chime in, “what grandmother really is saying is…”

And then I would tell the truth.
This was embarrassing and shameful to the adults in my family. In my culture, this sort of behavior is massively disrespectful. Even taboo.
To cope, my parents banished me from the dinner table.
As a kid who needed to eat and be with her family, I got the message that telling the truth threatened my very survival.
To keep myself safe, I trained myself to hold my tongue. Because if I didn’t, I had reason to believe I might die.
I’d forgotten all about this story for many years. But what remained was the sense that it was dangerous to give voice to what I see.

Years later, like you and Tay, I too heard the call to rise. But before I could fully answer that call, I had to go deep and excavate the story and sacred agreements I’d made to protect me and other people. That’s when I recognized where I’d originally learned that “staying silent keeps everyone safe.” And remembered my family dinner table, from all those years ago.

Certainly, the things that happen to us as kids become seeds that we plant in the fertile soil of our souls. But souls are timeless. So they receive these seeds – these stories and lessons -- not just from this lifetime, but from many, many lifetimes.

This is why going deep before you soar is so important.

It’s also why my deepest prayer is for all our clients to be at complete peace with the food and the people gathered at the dinner table.
In our work, I’m the one who leads the conversation, as I receive insights and intuition on two levels: strategy and soul. Tay and I both receive information about your path and your soul lessons, but in different ways. This gives you two perspectives, and we check one against the other to confirm that the guidance we’re giving you is spot on.

At the risk of sounding cosmic, I’ll say this: we’ve been doing this for as many lifetimes as we can remember. In this lifetime, our mission is to remember all that we’ve gone through, all the soul lessons we’ve learned along the way. And to teach and rewrite our stories, as we guide you to even greater peace, soul satisfaction, and accomplishment.
Tay & Val are the spiritual consultants and soul mentors the executive coaches of Fortune 500s and founders of multimillion-dollar public companies go to, to answer their "What's Next?" question.
Award-winning filmmakers, Tay and Val left successful media careers, closed their production company, wrapped work on their nationally televised television series P.S. I’m Sorry, and set off to travel the world by bicycle for a documentary project I Believe That Dreams Can Come True. Six years, three continents, and more than 400 public talks and national radio and TV appearances (in twelve countries) later, Tay and Val settled in the Pacific Northwest as 2016 City Artists of Seattle. Committed to helping visionary leaders meet their call to greatness with clear-eyed vision, groundedness, and deep trust - they work with entrepreneurs around the globe who hear the call to rise and say yes.