Victor Loo – Art Director

Victor waved a magic wand, and we had a photographer, a makeup artist, jewelry, accessories and clothes all lined up!

Actually Victor did not wave a magic wand, he has helped and inspired so many people in his career as a Director for Recovery Services and an androgynous model that when he calls, people respond. Victor has accumulated extremely good karma!

That’s why when we decided to shoot this set of photos, we immediately went to Victor for help. We knew Victor love collaborative efforts. We knew Victor strives to exceed expectations. We knew Victor sees through his projects.

Dedication. Devotion. Determination. These are Victor’s last names 🙂

Most of all, we knew Victor would never play small and tell us: “No one has done this before.” Instead he told us: “I like it. I’m just thinking about the time frame. If we want to shoot it within a day, we’ll need to plan it out. Let’s make it work!”

Not only that, he brought his vision, his creativity and his beautiful soul into this project.

“Thank you Victor, for your presence, your energy of dedication, and your big-hearted love to help uplift the people around you.

Stella Orangethe wordsmith, the teacher

During one of our first sessions with Stella, she said: “Are you calling yourself teachers? Because that’s what you should be called.”

Yup, she ‘saw’ us and affirmed us for our gifts and strengths right from the beginning.  Not only that, she held us to it. We had to rise up to it and walk it. She held us to the vision of who we want to be, and how we want to serve, with every word that she wrote on our website.  

We would go as far as to say: she wrote ‘future Tay and Val’ onto a page.

And because of that, the copy is evergreen.

Now, we go to our own website to be inspired, to remind ourselves of who we are, why we do what we do and who we can be, when the entrepreneurship journey gets tough.

Stella believes in The New Marketing – one where we identify our clients as the (s)heros, and we, the teachers and the mentors offer tools of empowerment and guidance along their journey.  

This marketing position is so magnetic and aligned with why our business existed in the first place – to empower and guide people to live their best lives – that visibility became a no-issue! We wanted the whole world to see our work and benefit from it.

“Thank you Stella! You were one of the teachers who showed up when the students (Tay and Val) were ready. {{Deep bows of gratitude}}  

Juel Bergholm – Makeup Artist

Tay doesn’t let anyone else draw on her face other than Val.“That’s because most people take one look at me, and assumed that I do not want to wear eye lashes, do not want to be ‘too’ made up, whereas Val looks beyond my nonchalance and show me what’s POSSIBLE.”

Juel did that, too.

We told her the essence of what we want, and she delivered. In her groundedness and confidence, anxieties melt away. We sat in trust as her brushes move across our faces. We knew she was on board with our vision. And we knew she has the skills to deliver it.

What came as a bonus, was she made the images we had in our heads come alive on our faces.

“Thank you Juel, for showing us what’s possible.”

Sarah Anne Thompson – Photographer

This was the set of directions we gave Sarah right before the photoshoot: “We’ll embody the essence of the 12 chakras. When you feel/see it, you snap the shot. Ok?”

She did.  All 12 shots plus 1 (the cover). Her camera shutter was in-sync with us.

The moment we felt aligned with the chakras, we heard her shutter clicked and the lights goes off. And even before we saw the photos, we knew she got the picture.

Isn’t this the most wonderful and beautiful way to work?

“Thank you Sarah, for bringing forth your gift and your talent so generously. You layered the photos so beautifully and artistically that you brought the essence of the chakras to live.”

Joana Galvao and her team at GIF Design Studio

When we saw Joana’s website, we knew she and her agency is THE ONE to help us co-create our website together. Her initial designs were spot-on! We loved the colors, the layout, the logo and not just the aesthetics of it. We loved how each element of the design came together to tell a story greater than the sum of its parts. We loved how she understood our vision right from the beginning.

Joana and her team took every element of our website and executed them to perfection. Just like setting up a house, they built a home for our business – one our business is proud of to call home.

“Thank you Joana and team at GIF Design Studio, for believing in the work we do, and for building a website that we’re proud to tell the world about!”